Golf in the city

Like to play golf, but have no time to go out of town?

Golf Center Kiev is at your service, we are just 10 min drive from Kreshatik

Fresh air, river view, well equipped driving range!


  • Area 6 hectares;
  • 6 wells PAR 3;
  • Chip and putt training zones;
  • Possibility of holding wedding ceremonies and large-scale events.


Our driving range is very popular among golfers of all levels. Its a huge open space , 325 meters long. Our dedicated instructors will help you to learn techniques and master your golf swing.

Driving range services becoming more and more popular for corporate events.

Golf tournanent can be a great part of your party or event program, both private or corporate.

Driving range at the Golf Center Kiev


Great opportunity to play golf in the city


6 hectars of the green grass



325 m length to practice


400 guests can stay at the range at the same time

heaters at the cold weather


Driving range Pros

Driving range is different from the golf course. You have to know how to play golf, to enjoy the regular golf couse. Driving range looks more like a practice field. Its ideal place for beginnes – you can learn golf basics and practise your swing. You can easily track your golf ball and correct any mistakes.

We have distance markers on the range, it helps you to understand how far your ball goes. Driving range is a great place to bring your friends or family just to have a good time together!





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